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I had a lady tell me today I have completely changed and improved her quality of life. She was in tears and very grateful. Of course, it made me cry too! I have only adjusted her 4 times in the last month! She has been able to play and swim with her grandchildren, cook for them, clean, and energy for more! That's the power of chiropractic! That's why I LOVE WHAT I DO!

Dr. Jennifer Dagnan
Yeppers......you're the BEST Chiropractor! Couldn't hardly walk one day, and go see you. You fixed me up and I go horse showing and win Champion! Thanks for helping me! This area is a better place because you help so many of us in pain!

Missy O, Dallas, TX

I love my Chiropractor Jennifer about year ago I went to visit could not stand up or take any pain meds , a friend referred me ,she was the best and always makes me laugh also I leave in no pain ... Thank you!

Lisa S, Dallas, TX

I suffered a horrible cracking jaw while eating and chewing food. Even yawning would make a horrible popping sound. I never brought it to Dr. Jennifer’s attention, but after seeing her for adjustments a few times, I noticed my jaw no longer pops. It was from her axle and neck adjustments that corrected my TMJ problems. Who would have thought? Thanks!

- Deanna Brown, Dallas, TX



I fractured my sacrum and couldn’t walk without excruciating pain. Immediately after Dr. Jennifer adjusted me, I had relief from my pain. After several other adjustments and added cold laser and ultrasonic therapy. I was pain free and could pursue my regular activities with no pain!

- Melissa K., Dallas, TX

I was unable to fall asleep for years — tossing and turning and never able to “turn off my brain”. I tried every over the counter and prescription sleep aid available, and still no help! Actually everything would have the reverse effect and act as a stimulant. Finally, I met Dr. Dagnan and she introduced me to a natural mineral supplement called “Min Chex”. I take a few capsules at night before bedtime and sleep like a baby! I’m not thinking of work, or stressing about things that need to be done. I’m sleeping all night and having wonderful dreams! Thanks, Dr. Dagnan!

-Charles O., Dallas, TX



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Irving, TX 75060

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